Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15th 2010

ENTER the Storm!, a timelapse short., originally uploaded by n+s.

It was a boring day. I spent my day listening to sad songs. I am in a state of depression right now. My days are filled with loneliness and despair. I sleep more often than I usually do. I sleep because I want to forget and not think of how pathetic the situation that I'm currently in. But every time I sleeps, I dream. Those dreams are vivid and surreal. I can't differentiate dreams and reality nowadays. Every time I wake up I feel this pain in my chest. My heart aches and I can feel the pain jabbing it like needles. I don't cry on the outside anymore. Sometimes I do cry. I cry only when my heart could no longer bear the pain. After each tearful moment, I feel empty. Emotionless. I am an emotional trainwreck. But what can I do? Life is not always on your side. Everyone that I love are starting to leave me. Fading to nothingness. Like the sun rays hidden by dark clouds of rain, I can only wish for sunny days. But at the moment I sense that there's a storm brewing and it would definitely turns out badly.

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