Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I may know a lot of people and many would probably know me. But the truth is, i have only have a handful of close friends. It's because i cherish those who really care and love me. If i be friend someone, i would like to be friend with them for the rest of my lifetime. But if the person show signs of not doing the same for me, i would probably label them as allies.

Us humans love to judge others. We human also judge those who we didn't even know. It's human nature. I'm also guilty. I admit that. But im not the type of person who will label another before knowing them. I will not accuse another person of being a bitch or whatsoever before knowing them. It's because, if you want to judge another person, you have to see their true colours. You have to see the real person inside the shell.

Most of the people that i know love to judge me harshly and label me negatively before even knowing the real me. i use to care and become sad when facing those situations but no more. Unlike them, i have dignity and i admit all of my flaws and weaknesses. Those who judge people harshly and thinks that they are superior than others are the ones who could not admit their flaws and would never accept the fact that they are not as perfect as they want themselves to be.

You have to evaluate yourselves before you could evaluate others. Look into the mirror. See the true you before you could see the truths in others.