Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's a never ending story.
People come and go in my life.
They never stay.
Im jinx.

Some enjoy my company,
but too ashamed to admit
that they're friends with me.

Because they are so cool
They are the best
and all their friends hate me

Then they said
"it's all your fault
you should not posted them"

the person does not want
people to know that he or she
is hanging out with me

I'm an embarassment.
therefore, the person feels
the rights to be mad at me

you should tell me earlier
not to post 'them' on the net
'they' are harmless to me

therefore, i decided
to not associate myself
at all with that person.

self centered
fill with pride.

to them perfects
i have no dignity
no pride

i'm a worthless tool
to make you popular
and known.

just another shitwreck
to take advantage off.
but no more

i am aiman asraf
i used to entertain people's craps
i will no longer falls into your traps.



Joanna R. said...

ur my aiman asraf! =D

Aiman Asraf said...

thnks babe!
ur my Joanna Ramdzan. :)